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Interview with ‘As a rival’ (11 July 2013)

This week, our Editor Juan J. Cruz had a quick interview with Jayde Whelan, from Melbourne young and powerful rock trio ‘As a Rival’. Born somehow after a few bedroom rehearsals, they will be touring in July, starting from tomorrow at the Annandale hotel in Sydney. Fun times!  

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Read below to see what she has to say about their new EP and upcoming Australian tour.

JC.- What´s ‘As a Rival’ all about?
JW.- Tough melody and challenging ourselves.

JC.- How did you get started? 
JW.- Pete and I played in a band together previously, so after a long break, Pete played me some of his new demo's. We jammed: it was good... Then we found Jonty and here we are.

JC.- Tell us more about your latest release.
JW.- 'Concerning Trends' is a 5 track EP that we have been working on for a while now. It's finally out into the world. It's a mixed bag of rock, punk, stoner rock… whatever you want to call it.
We're heading out on the road this July and August to play shows in VIC, NSW and SA to support it.

JC.- How is the creative process in the band?
JW.- It changes depending on the song: normally Pete comes in with the initial idea or a whole song. Then he and I jam it out and mess with it before bringing it into rehearsal to make the finishing touches. The creative process seems to continue until the song is recorded in its final state. With this EP, I dedicated more time to listen over the tracks than I usually would. Taking things out, putting things in, seeing what works. I get a lot of enjoyment out of that process.

JC.- For those who aren´t familiar with ‘As a rival’, could you cite a few albums to listen before jumping straight into your sound?
JW.- If you dig Queens of the Stone Age,  Refused, Foo Fighters or Biffy Clyro, you might dig us. 

JC.- What you we expect of one of your live shows?
JW.- Loudness. Energy. Strange characters...
JC.- ‘Liveinphotos’ is a about documenting a part of Melbourne life. Since you are a local, is there anything in particular that you love doing in Melbs, especially now that the cold winter cold is starting?
JW.- Taco Tuesdays at the Reverence in Footscray. Going out for a meal is always nice, I never say no to dumplings or Thai either.
JC.- What´s the most critical situation you have ever had on a tour?
JW.- We've been pretty lucky so far. Hopefully we don't jinx ourselves cos the tour starts this week! We have the usual string breakage. We played a show at Pony that was pretty intense: security had to drag a dude from my microphone. It was heaps of fun!
JC.- If you had to pick a band to go on a road tour overseas with and see every day for weeks- that would be…
JW.- Nine Inch Nails. I could never get sick of them, plus I'd follow Trent Reznor around like a bad smell. He is amazingly talented.
JC.- Any other Melbourne band that you would recommend to our readers?
JW.- Falconio

Thanks heaps Jayde and good luck with the tour!

As a Rival will be presenting their latest release ‘Concerning Trends’ on 12 July at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney and Friday 26 July at the Reverence Hotel in Melbourne. You can check all the tour details here

You can listen to their 5-track EP ‘Concerning Trends’ here. 

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