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Interview with Unida (17-04-13)

‘Liveinphotos’ had the opportunity to interview ‘Unida’. For those who have not heard much of it, it´s a stoner rock band that was formed with ex-member of iconic bands Kyuss and Slo Burn.

Our Editor Juan J. Cruz had a Q/A with Mr. Arthur Seay, the amazing guitar player of Unida -second from the left-. His musical background also includes his band House of Broken Promises, and he was also known for being the road-tech of Slipknot.

Read below to see what he has to say.

Q: What´s Unida all about.
A: We are about playing rock and roll with class, power and intensity.

Q: For those who aren´t familiar with Unida, could you cite a few albums to listen before jumping straight into your sound?
A: Best of Wayne Gro (Unida/Dozer Double EP) , Coping the Urban Coyote (Unida - Man's Ruin Records), For the Working Man bootleg (also known as The Great Divide - Unreleased, 2001)

Q: Going back to your current tour... And anything I should know about your studio work with Unida?
A: Tour? Studio? lol we're coming to tour New Zealand And Australia! Dates as follows...

Friday 3 May: Auckland @ Kings Arms Tavern
Saturday 4 May: Wellington @ Bodega Bar
Sunday 5 May: Cherry Rock Festival
Wednesday 8 May: ADELAIDE @ Fowlers Live
Thursday 9 May: PERTH @ The Rosemount
Friday 10 May: SYDNEY @ The Manning Bar
Saturday 11 May: BRISBANE @ The Zoo
Sunday 12 May: MELBOURNE @ The Hi Fi

Q. What do you like most about playing with Unida as opposed to your other projects and which are the new elements that you personally brought to Unida?
A: I get to play with John Garcia and Mike Cancino ‘nuff said..... (Note of the editor: fair enough, I’d be the same).

Q.       What should we expect of one of your live shows?
A: Four guys bleeding out pure heavy melodic, rock with class.

Q. ‘Liveinphotos’ is a about documenting a part of Melbourne life. Is there anything in particular that you are looking forward to doing in Melbs?
A: Headling the Cherry Rock Festival May 5!!!! And having a drink at Cherry Bar with all our new friends!!!

Q. What´s the most critical situation you have ever had while on tour with Unida?
A: The most critical situation is now! New beginnings and positive energy. We are lifer's: we will always play music whether there's 5 or 50,000 people there. We live it, we breathe it , we sweat it in that hot desert rehearsal room. And we thank all the people that listen to us and support us. We are coming to New Zealand and Australia to thank every one of you!

Q. If you had to pick a band to go with on a road tour for a few weeks, that would be…
A: The Cult! And make it a year long tour!

Q. What are you listening at the moment? Is there any Australian band that you would recommend to a fan in America?
A: I'm listening to my band rehearsing our asses off to come down there and melt your faces with our brand of rock! What Australian band? AC Fucking DC!!! Everyone needs to listen to ACDC.

Thanks Arthur, it was a pleasure. Good luck with your AU/NZ tour. It will be great!

Unida will be playing in Melbourne on the 5th of May (Cherry Rock Festval) and the 12th of May (the Hi-Fi). You can check the complete  AU/NZ tour details in the Heathen Skulls touring website.

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