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Interview with Spencer P. Jones (20-12-2012)

Spencer P. Jones and the Nothing Butts

Our Editor Juan J. Cruz has touched base with Spencer P. Jones, the legendary Melbourne-based guitar player behind the Beasts of Bourbon and who also has been rated as one of Australia´s greatest guitarists. In ‘Spencer P. Jones and the Nothing Butts’ he is teaming up with Gareth Liddiard and  Fiona Kitschin (the Drones) and James Baker (Beasts of Bourbon).

Remember we mentioned the Drones not very long ago, since they are curating the 2013 edition of ‘All Tomorrow´s Party I´ll be your Mirror’ Melbourne Festival, that is one of our HIGHLY recommended Festivals this summer.

Read below to find out more.

JC.- What is Spencer P. Jones all about?

SPJ.- I represent an element of popular culture in Australia that is beneath the mainstream but I am also an occasional participant in mainstream music in this country.

JC.- How were the very beginnings of your music career?

SPJ.- Awkward, challenging and amateur mostly. It was a lot more fun to see the other bands around at that time who hadn't made it yet. 
I spent the mid-70's in Sydney and moved to Melbourne in the late 70's so it was an interesting era musically to spend my formative years.

JC.- Tell us more about your latest release with ‘the Nothing Butts’.

SPJ.- This new album with The Nothing Butts is a collection of my songs, some a few years old, others more recent, recorded at the 'Empty Room' in Nagambie between early 2010 and early 2011 in 3 short sessions. 

It features legendary drummer James Baker (Victims/ Scientists/ HooDooGurus/ Beasts Of Bourbon/ Dubrovniks/ Painkillers) and The Drones’ singer-guitarist Gareth Liddiard and bassist Fiona Kitschen. It was an accidental and unintentional collaboration (despite our histories together), the fruit of which was a satisfying and pleasing result to all involved. On a creative level it was a real kick up the arse for me musically. A wake up call that got my creative juices flowing.

JC.- For those who aren´t familiar with your music, could you cite a few albums to listen before jumping straight into your sound?

SPJ.- My sound ?..There are so many albums and musicians out there that have influenced me that you probably couldn’t fit them all onto twenty pages, but if you are familiar with the music of The Drones or The Beasts of Bourbon you will feel completely at home with The Nothing Butts album.

JC.- How was the creative process for the new album with ‘the Nothing Butts’?

SPJ.- As I have said a few of these songs date back two or three years some more recent and some specifically written on the spot with this project in mind. James Baker wrote the lyrics for the song Freak Out and Gareth Liddiard provided the chords to ‘When he finds out’. It was produced and mixed by Gareth and myself and we were very fortunate to have a number of creative and talented people assist us including John Ruberto at Crystal Mastering. It has a good, spontaneous, raw, LIVE feel to it. Cover design and layout was all done in-house also. It oozes creativity!

JC.- Will Spencer P. Jones and the Nothing Butts release another album in the future? 

SPJ.- That depends on popular demand. We’ve already recorded a LIVE show which was a particularly good gig and we’ve recorded a version of The Gun Club’s House on Highland Ave so there’ll be  something coming out.

JC.- What should we expect of one of your live shows?

SPJ.- Don’t expect anything and you will never be disappointed. Hahaha!
We were very good at our last show and everybody knew it. No contest. We have chosen excellent support acts (who are to our personal tastes), so you cannot fail to be hypnotized and seduced by The Nothing Butts LIVE. 

JC.- ‘Liveinphotos’ is a about documenting a part of Melbourne life. Since you are a local, is there anything in particular that you love doing in Melbs, especially now that the summer is coming?

SPJ.- Standing in the refrigerated part of the supermarket or bottleshop, especially in summer. 

JC.- What´s the most critical situation you have ever had while on tour with ‘the Nothing Butts’?

SPJ.- Finding equipment for the support band.

JC.-If you had to pick a band to go on a overseas road tour with -and to see every day for weeks-, that would be…

SPJ.- The Escape Committee and The Nothing Butts are hard to beat, but it would be interesting to travel with Turbonegro or Destiny’s Child.

JC.- Any other Melbourne band that you would recommend to our readers?

SPJ.- ….Eagle & The Worm, Bitter Sweet Kicks, The Murlocks, Frowning Clouds, Like Deelers, Harry Howard & The NDE, The Bluebottles, Los Dominados, Thundabox, Kim Salmon (all projects), Coral Lee & her Sliver Screams, Apocalypse Dudes. There’s so many and a lot of great solo artists around at the moment it’s hard to single out  anyone in particular.

Spencer P. Jones and the nothing Butts will be playing at the Thornbury Theatre tomorrow Friday 21st of December.

Don´t miss it!

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