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Interview with Earthless (10-12-2012)


This week, our Editor Juan J. Cruz had the opportunity to interview Isaiah Mitchell, guitarist and vocalist of San Diego instrumental rock band EARTHLESS.

Earthless is been active since 2001 and their members have been simultaneously involved in a number projects. The drum player, Mario Rubalcaba is a founding member of  L.A. hard-core punk band ‘Off!’. Isaiah also plays in ‘Howlin’ Rain’, whose last album was produced by Rick Rubin (Columbia Records, Epic Records) who has also produced albums for the Mars Volta, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Metallica, Weezer and the Beastie Boys.

Read below to see what he has to say about his band and his current Australian tour.

JC.-  What´s Earthless all about?
IM.- Earthless is about being free and enjoying our time making music with each other.

JC.- So, for those that don't know your band, how did you get started?
IM.- We’ve all known each other before the band started. I was visiting San Diego for the holidays and Mike asked if I wanted to jam with him and Mario. This was in 2002. We jammed at Mike’s house and enjoyed ourselves. Then we set up a show. Then we kept on doing it.

JC.- Tell us more about your latest release Sonic Prayer Jam.
IM.- Sonic Prayer Jam was recorded live at our favorite San Diego club, The Casbah. We previously released the partial concert on a 10”. Someone thought it was a good idea to release the whole concert, and we did. I’m very happy that this recording exists because we were really good that night.

JC.- For those who aren´t familiar with Earthless, could you cite a few albums to listen before jumping straight into your sound?
IM.- Listen to Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Flower Travelling Band, That should paint a clear enough idea to any listener. I could go deeper and more obscure but no need J

JC.- What’s the creative process like in the band?
IM.- We often record our practices and we’ll improve for quite some time. If we feel like there were some magic moments we’ll listen back to the recording and use what we liked. Also we’ll bring riffs or ideas to the practice space and work on a song that way. It’s a pretty free and easy environment to create in.

JC.- How did joining Howlin´Rain after playing with Earthless affect your playing style and what did you bring to your new band?
IM.- I guess I brought to Howllin Rain the ability and capability to jam and improve to any length needed J. I was also able to bring in the ability to sing harmonies with Ethan and Joel. It’s a totally different animal than Earthless and is a different type of creative fulfillment.

JC.- Is your collaboration with Howlin´Rain a love affair or it feels more like a long term relationship?
IM.- As long as I’m happy and able to do it I’ll do it.

JC.- What should we expect of one of your live shows?
IM.- A 45 minute sonic attack to your senses.

JC.- ‘Liveinphotos’ is a about documenting a part of Melbourne life. Is there anything in particular that you are looking forward to doing in Melbs?
IM.- I’m looking forward to relaxing and eating delicious food and taking lots of walks and exploring.

JC.- What´s the most critical situation you have ever had while on tour with Earthless?
IM.- A was being a jack ass and broke my finger after a show. I had to go to the hospital to get stiches. I was able to make our festival show the following day and perform well, I think. Outside of that are well behaved men.

JC.- If you had to pick a band to go on a road tour with -and to see every day for weeks-, that would be…
IM.- There are so many…..Joy, Assemble Head, Witch, Dinosaur Jr, Lecherous Gaze, Danava, Graveyard, way too many to name

JC.- Any Australian band that you would recommend to a fan in back in the motherland?
IM.- Tame Impala, Gotye, The Hard-On’s, Nunchuka Superfly, Kim Salmon. Great people and amazing bands.

Thanks and good luck.

Earthless have just played in Meredith Festival and they are currently on Tour in Australia. They will play on the following dates in Sydney and Melbourne:

Friday 14th Dec - Sydney @ Annandale HotelSaturday 15th Dec - Melbourne @ Northcote Social ClubSunday 16th Dec - Melbourne @ Northcote Social Club

For more info, just check the Heathen Skulls Touring website.

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