Thursday, 7 June 2012

King of the Road

Sunday 7th of May: Just got on the tram and a cold sweat started running down my back. I realised I forgot my earplugs and my only thought was running back before the night started:  Fu Manchu was playing at the HiFi. Just to clarify: I am now talking about the legendary Southern Californian stoner rock band from the 90s.

They had two shows in Melbourne and they were headliners at Cherry Rock. I was lucky enough to see them playing twice at the same venue and, honestly, the sound was so good that reduced 12dB -as my earplugs claim- it was still murky and loud, like a real stoner band should sound like.

They played the album ‘Action is go’ on Sunday and ‘In Search of’ on Monday, and delighted us on both nights with one of my favorite tracks, ‘King of the Road’, on the second night throwing the microphone to the audience that confidently screamed the main verse of the song –‘King of the road says you move too slow, king of the road says you move too slow!’- until the security guy grabbed the mic stand and put it back on the stage with a “that´s enough” kind-of-face. I could still hear the main riff way after the band left the stage.

It went quick and, with a smile on my face I said bye to everyone and jumped on the tram home. The song was still in my head… 

A week later my friend Ricky confessed he was so pumped up that night he got his first speeding fine in ten years on his way home. -‘King of the road!’-

Fu Manchu Fu Manchu

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